:: EMPEROR SWORDS I Swords from master HuangKepeng
About Swords

Swords from master Huang Kepeng's forge stands out with quality and excelent workmanship.

Most of our swords are forged from supperior damascus steel. Blade is composed from several types of steel with different characteristics which are forged together and folded several times to many layers (several thousands). This gives the blade unique pattern which is different for every blade like a finger print. Thanks to this technology the sword remain very flexible with the high durability.

For handle and scabbar is used hard wood usually ebony or mahogany. Fittings are made of brass or alpaca decorated with carvings.

Custom made swords or adjustments according to customer's inquiry is welcome. For different blades is of course possible to use different fittings.

However it is important to realize that damascus blade needs some maintenance. Since damascus steel contains high carbon steel it is necessary time to time treat the blade with oil to prevent corrosion.

Due to the aggressiveness of human sweat it is not appropriate to touch the blade with bare hands.

Here you can see some crash test images for your refference. However it is important to bear in mind that swords are not designated for this and it can cause damage to the blade.