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Monkey Fist

Name: Monkey fist

Monkey fist is a metal ball wrapped in a string. This type of weapon has a long history not only in China. There has been a lot of variation of this weapon from heavy iron ball on a long rope used to bring down the cavalery to small metal balls in the long sleeves of traditional Chinese clothes. It has always beed a popular weapon.
In these days Mokey fist represents a decorative key chain which in case of emergency fulfill it`s defensive task with surprising efficiency.
We offer Monkey fists in different lenght and ball diameters. Usually we reccomend 25cm lenght and 23mm or 25mm steel ball diameter. With this lenght even untrained person will not hurt himself but is alreadz able to deliver devastating blows to stop any attacker.
While ball with 23mm is already efficient weapon the 25mm ball can with a little training easily break any brick and cause serious damage to the oponent.
We can make Monkey fists in different color combinations.