:: EMPEROR SWORDS I Swords from master HuangKepeng
About us

We bring you the best Chinese swords from famous Chinese master swordsmith Huang Kepeng.

Mistr Chuang Kche Pcheng is making one of the best swords continuously for over 20 years and he is one of the most recognised swordsmiths from whole China. He was rewarded many times for his work and has his place among 100 greatest persons in China.

Beside sword making master Huang Kepeng also studied history and ways of use of different types of swords and Chinese martial arts. Thanks to this effort his swords has a correct weight and optimal balance which is crucial for a real swordplay.

Master Huang Kepeng has made swords for many Chinese officials and also for a grandson of former Chinese leader Mao Tse Dong.

We sincerelly believe that our swords will exceed your expectations.